Intrepid Artists Int’l would like to congratulate ALL of the 2023 BLUES MUSIC AWARDS Nominees!

We especially want to recognize those we represent and send a Big Congrats to our 17 artists/musicians who received a total of 29 nominations in 17 different categories

Also want to send a big shout out to John Németh. Between his two bands, John Németh Band and Love Light Orchestra, he received 9 Nominations! WOW! Never heard of anyone receiving that many before. What a year John has had!

Many Thanks to all the Nominators! So Proud of all the Artists we work for! Always Humbled!

All of the Intrepid Nominees are listed below.
29 Nominations
17 Artists
17 Categories

Album of the Year
May Be the Last Time, John Németh
Leave the Light On, The Love Light Orchestra

B.B. King Entertainer
Mr. Sipp (Castro Coleman)
Sugaray Rayford

Band of the Year
John Németh and the Blue Dreamers

Blues Rock Album
I Got Love, Albert Castiglia

Blues Rock Artist
Albert Castiglia

Contemporary Blues Male Artist
Mr. Sipp (Castro Coleman)
Selwyn Birchwood

Instrumentalist – Bass
Larry Fulcher (Phantom Blues Band/Ruthie Foster)
Willie J Campbell (The Proven Ones)

Instrumentalist – Drums
Tony Braunagel

Instrumentalist – Guitar
Joanna Connor
Laura Chavez (Nikki Hill/Vanessa Collier)

Instrumentalist – Harmonica
John Németh

Instrumentalist – Vocals
Curtis Salgado
John Németh

Instrumentalist – Piano

(Pinetop Perkins Piano Player)
Jim Pugh (Phantom Blues Band)

Song of the Year
“Great Minds Drink Alike”written by Jeff Schroedl

(Altered Five Blues Band)
“The Last Time” written by John Németh

Soul Blues Album
In Too Deep, Sugaray Rayford
Leave the Light On, The Love Light Orchestra

featuring John Németh
Progeny, Kat Riggins

Soul Blues Female Artist
Annika Chambers
Kat Riggins

Soul Blues Male Artist
Curtis Salgado
John Németh

Traditional Blues Album
May Be the Last Time, John Németh
Straight From the Heart, Kenny Neal

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