A Sad Day for Intrepid Artists (GoFundMe Campaign for Kevin’s Family)

Rest in Peace Kevin Hopkins
February 25, 1980 – March 4, 2022

Kevin Hopkins

Dear Friends of Intrepid and Friends of Kevin Hopkins,

This is the hardest note I have ever had to write. It is with the heaviest of Hearts that I must break the news to all of you that our Beloved K Hop, Kevin Hopkins, has left this earth. Kevin passed away on Friday, March 4, at 12:42pm EST.

Kevin HopkinsHis heart stopped the morning of February 25 on his 42nd birthday and he was found unresponsive. He lost oxygen to the brain for an undetermined amount of time and while paramedics were able to miraculously revive his heart to transport him to the hospital, the damage was already done and he showed little to no brain activity. He had been on life support since then and Friday we were informed of Kevin’s passing.

I think it goes without saying we are all devastated over this tragic loss of life. K Hop was our comrade for the past 15 yrs. Jake in our office had known Kevin for 20 plus yrs. We have all been grieving hard since we received the news and this is something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. With that said K Hop LOVED Intrepid, LOVED his job, LOVED the Artists he represented, and had STRONG BONDS with many of the promoters he worked with. He would be extremely upset with all of us if we did not honor his legacy by going out, looking adversity in the eye, and proceeding to kick it’s ass. This is the way K Hop rolled! It is the way Intrepid Rolls.

Kevin HopkinsA GoFundMe campaign has been started to assist Kevin’s family as they deal with the effects of their beloved husband and father’s passing. Money donated will to go directly to helping his wife, Kristin, and his two sons, Hunter, 6, and Wilder, 5:


Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Please keep Kevin and his family in your prayers and know that life is precious.

If you would like to leave messages, share stories, or reminisce about Kevin please visit the Intrepid Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=4740070892708640&id=118949298154179


God Bless,
Rick Booth
Intrepid Artists Int’l Inc.