Blues Beatles


Blues Beatles is a Blues band that mixes the melodies of the Beatles with traditional Blues arrangements, a mix that has been winning in Brazil, USA and Europe. And they always become an “instant sensation” everywhere they go and play: USA (New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Memphis, Orlando, Charlotte, Montgomery, Chattanooga, among many others), Denmark (Aarhus, Randers, Esbjerg, Skanderborg, Skagen, AAbybro, Agger) Brasilia, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte among other … it ́s a long list!

There are more than 300,000 fan page followers (Facebook), more than 20 million views of your videos, Brazil Biggest TV shows (Globo TV Altas Horas, Rede Gazeta Ronnie Von, Rede Vida), thousands of CD downloads, 13 international tours since 2017 ( 7 in the USA performing in the largest and most expressive festivals of the genre, 3 in Denmark , two in Norway and one in Canada). The Blues Beatles is that band that you need to know!

Blues Beatles started during the breaks of the rehearsals of Today – an original band that Marcos Viana, Flavio Naves, Lancaster Ferreira, Bruno Falcão and Fred Barley started in 2010. Marcos, the singer, would invariably pick up his acoustic guitar and start playing Beatles songs. The other members of the band were amazed at how natural the songs sounded, as if he had written them himself. The reason for this was that Marcos really identified with the songs and never imitated John or Paul. He simply sang with his own voice and from his heart. Being blues players the rest of the band started adding their blues twist to these “break songs”. One day Lancaster said: “why don’t we mix these two things we love to play? We could call this Blues Beatles!”Everyone loved the idea and together they started the Blues Beatles in 2013. The rest is history…

After the release of the acclaimed debut CD, Get Back to The Blues, and 9 international tours (in North America and Europe) the band recorded in 2019 their second CD, Let It Blues, at AS Studios, Brazil. For this CD singer Marcos Viana, keyboard player Flavio Naves, bassist Bruno Falcao and drummer Fred Barley joined forces with Fred Sunwalk on guitar and again Denilson Martins on saxophone, and the result could not have been better! Explosive and intense new renditions come on classics like Drive my Car, Come Together; the blues lives on tracks like Let it Be, Yer Blues, Chains, Can ́t buy me Love, One after 909 and Love Me Do; Something and Oh Darling bring that calm yet intense vibe that Blues Beatles are known for… Most of the vocal melodies are kept in their original form, but interpreted with Marcos Viana’s unique voice, in an unpretentious and heart-felt way. The arrangements combine blues and soul grooves that suit the vocals of the songs while adding a different feel to them. Instrumental solos and improvisation, typical elements of the blues, are an integral part of the Blues Beatles style.



Get Back To The Blues 2016