Maryam Wilcher

I was born into a very musically inclined family, my mother, Joanna Connor being a staple in blues music and the industry for decades. Touring across the country and parts of Europe up until her 9th month of pregnancy with me feels like I was cosmically born into the music industry. I was submerged into the roadie life, traveling with my mom until I was nearly 11 when basketball became a serious passion, and I began playing in the AAU circuit. From then, I completely dedicated my life to basketball, furthering my career and playing college basketball at Indiana State University and St. Edward’s University. After graduating with a BA in communication, I pursued a coaching career at a D2 university while working on a master’s degree in educational leadership. Upon completing my master’s, paving this new chapter in my life, and returning to the music business is a comfortable and compelling fit. I understand the challenges, lifestyle, sacrifices, and the beauty of bringing a gift such as music to the world. This makes my position so much more than a job; it feels like a meaningful mission. I’m excited to bring all that I have to offer to Intrepid, elevate musician’s brands, and continue to be impactful in this life.